Air Strafe In Counter Strike

Air Strafe In Counter Strike

Air Strafe is way to go faster in the air and stay longer on it. It is mostly used on surf map. Air strafe on the Surf map is called as surf_skyworld. Follow the simple steps below

Go to the top of surf_Skyworld.

Take out your knife.

Step to back properly.

Run to the very edge of the circle and jump from there.

Turn your mouse right. Press your strafe-right key as you do this.

Turn your mouse left. Press your strafe-left key as you do this.

Combine all these techniques and finally air strafe.


  • Taking out your knife makes you lighter.
  • At the circle when air strafing try jumping from the very edge and don't try jumping too early. This helps a lot.
  • Press your forward key on the circle but once you are in the air release your forward key and start air strafing. (Strafing: Turn your mouse right, as you do, press your strafe-right key. Turn your mouse left, as you do, press your strafe-left key. Do not press your forward or backward keys!)
  • Do not make your turns too big. Do it smoothly. Do it on a 45 angle for both sides.
  • When you turn left and right do it slowly not too fast and don't make the turns too wide.
  • Do not press your forward or backward keys while turning your mouse left or right.

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