7 Effective Tactics To Promote Your Video Content

Promote Your Video Content
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Businesses in the present era are moving towards using video marketing to create an impact, drive traffic, generate leads, and boost their sales figures.

As per research, video content is a part of almost 80% of all businesses marketing strategies. Also, most of the people who use the internet daily for work purposes, or even otherwise, watch at least one video from their handheld devices every day.

Creating a video for your business is undoubtedly a smart move, but it requires proper time and resources to make it a cut above the rest. With many videos being made and uploaded every day on the web, you need to build on its promotional strategy very carefully and smartly if you want your video content to be noticed.

A video without proper promotion would be like a car without a steering wheel. It would serve no purpose, and all your resources would turn out to be a complete waste.

Here are some of the most effective tactics that can immensely promote your video content and bring about a sure-shot success for your business.

1. Combine video content with email marketing

With a sea of visual content available to watch, your video content may get lost in the crowd. The best way to avoid this is to combine your video content with email marketing. Instead of waiting for your followers and customers to watch your video online, it is better to take your video content to them.

What video email marketing does is:

  • It allows brands to introduce their products and services to the audience.
  • Keeps the customers informed about the brand and its products.
  • Educates people about the products and their features and advantages.
  • Helps share discount codes and promotional content through their testimonial video content.

When clubbed with email marketing, video content serves as a win-win situation for both. Adding the word 'video' in the subject column increases the opening rate of the email by 19%, according to researchers.

Also, by channelizing your video content through email marketing, your viewers would not get distracted by other visual content options floating on social media and YouTube channels. This would ensure more views, better shares, and more conversions.

2. Optimize your video thumbnail with a smile

A video thumbnail is one of the most important tools that instigates a viewer to play or not to play a video. Hence, a compelling, play-worthy thumbnail would dress up your video for the occasion and present it appealingly to the visitors who would feel tempted to click and watch it.

One of the best thumbnails that work wondrously is that of a human being with a smiling face and making direct eye contact. A smile manifests happiness and positivity, and hence it connects us to others instantly.

So use this as your gripping strategy, and you will see more and more numbers clicking on your video.

3. Collaborate with influencers on social media

Industry influencers and bloggers have an existing fan following and a domain authority. Collaborating with them can help you create engaging videos for a wide, available audience.

This way, you get a ready platform to explain your products and services better to many followers. But the catch here is that the content on your influencer's blog should be relevant to your video.

Tapping into your influencer's audience would yield more views, shares, and conversions as it triggers a chain reaction, thereby naturally compelling them to share the video with friends and others. However, you need to catch hold of an influencer specializing in your niche area.

The question here is how to find an influencer that suits your product range. To find one that influences and drives your sales, there are many special programs run by different social media platforms which you can be a part of.

4. Run a video campaign on Facebook or Twitter

Offering something for free is a trick that never fails. Hence, what better way of driving people to watch your video than by giving away a sample or an offer for free? To create unique and engaging video content for your business, using a free online video maker can do wonders for your marketing and promotion.

The best place to do this is on your social media networks, where your giveaway would be shared and spread widely, and more and more people would be led towards your landing page, where they would be driven to play your video.

After clicking on the link to avail of a free product, the viewers should be redirected to your landing page to watch a video that would further explain the products and their features that your company deals in. This way, your video content would be seen and shared maximum.

5. Share your video in online communities

Whenever relevant, you should not hesitate to share your video content on popular online communities created in your industry. This could be a LinkedIn group, a Twitter chat, Reddit, or any other platform, and you should engage in these realms actively and spread it extensively wherever appropriate.

6. Play your video at an event

An interesting video at an industry event can grab the audience's attention and even give them a breather from listening to dull speeches. As a presenter, here is the time to play eye-catching video content, both to promote it and refuel the audience in between by giving them a break from your speech.

7. Indulge in a paid Ad

If you are not tight on your budget, you can pay to promote your video. It is worth a deal to use your content in retargeting ads, display ads, or even paying to promote it on social media. This way, your video would be presented to those interested in the products you deal in and hence would want to watch it.

Final Take

Remember, people would view, like, and share your video only if they find the content worth spending their few seconds on. Hence, you need to ensure your video content is such that it does not fizzle out the interest of the viewers.

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