5 Ways New AI Programs Are Revolutionizing the Way We Browse

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has drastically changed how people use the internet and browse billions of pages in cyberspace. Besides Siri and Alexa, which take voice commands, there are numerous customer-service chatbots to assist people, intelligent algorithms that suggest topics individuals commonly browse, and stock-trading Forex robots that help manage investments. AI has also enabled more advanced virtual assistants to help boost search accuracy, personalize the online experience, and automate tasks.

No doubt, leveraging the power of AI and other robotic automated processes brings additional benefits to people of the modern world. Whether seeking out the best Studyfy essay writing service, monitoring the weather, or seeking assistance from an online shopping bot, artificial intelligence, and machine learning tools can do it with aplomb. Check out the five ways new AI programs are revolutionizing how people browse.

1. Get Swift Answers to Questions

AI can now answer basic queries with aplomb, making it much easier to get answers from the web. Today, people can type in their queries or ask questions using a Google Chrome mic. After a few seconds, the question will be answered by a bot that has crawled the internet for the best answers. Talk about accessibility and convenience!

For example, those asking themselves, "Can someone do my physics homework for me?" will receive an instant reply in a matter of seconds with a suggestion of online tutorial sites from sponsored posts that are fit for the geolocations to those sites ranking high in SEO. The sophistication of these intelligent tools has become more prevalent in the past years, with their ability to generate human-like responses swiftly.

2. Enjoy a Reliable Virtual Assistant

To begin with, AI technology was crafted to make life easier for humans. Now, a host of robotic virtual assistants is available on demand at a person's beck and call. Whether Siri, Alexa, Cortana, or Bixby, people now have a living virtual assistant in their smartphones, smart speakers, computers, and even cars. These AI tools can listen to commands and pull up needed information thanks to mobile data.

For example, those who want to share a tweet while in their car can request Alexa to do so. All they need to do is:

  • Compose an appropriate Tweet with voice dictation
  • Alexa will type the text and ask for confirmation
  • Alexa will Tweet it accurately

This technology makes it easy for an individual to update followers. The one posting the Tweet can stay updated on all the replies, reactions, and shares through notifications.

Virtual Assistant - Bixby
Virtual Assistant - Bixby

3. Take Advantage of Forecasting Suggestions

Every click a person makes in cyberspace matters because of AI. This technology allows machines to learn from human inputs, so they adjust bits and bytes inside computer algorithms to give people what they want. With these revolutionary tools, it has become straightforward for sites to forecast potential goods or services that customers will use.

To illustrate, if a student looks for the best assignment services in Google, the answers won't merely appear on the search page. Because of intelligent factors working behind the scenes, students may also see suggestions in their Facebook news feed or Instagram page through sponsored posts. Moreover, this sophisticated innovation takes things a notch deeper with data capturing and analysis. So in this digital age, AI can even sanction online loans based on default probabilities.

4. Catch the Latest Trends

Gone are the days when people needed to tune in to the television or radio to hear about current affairs or breaking news. Thanks to AI, the latest trends are visible on an individual's social media feed on the hour. People can even set up their mobile devices to get notifications. Instagram is an excellent example of how AI crunches large amounts of data to track trending topics around the globe to bring relevant user posts, images, or reels to the main feed. Moreover, this is how the trending hashtag came to fruition.

With AI's ability to analyze traffic across the web, end users can immediately get a glimpse of breaking news or see viral posts that generate a lot of internet traffic. Thanks to this advanced tech, web users can stay informed, especially on topics that reflect their interests or impact personal safety.

5. Enjoy Adaptive Personal Preferences

The power of machine learning could provide a more seamless user experience by dynamically adapting content to a web user's preferences or needs. Because of AI's ability to process and analyze vast amounts of data, it can predict visitors' intentions. In turn, it could curate the best possible experience for the users.

For example, a website could automatically suggest gluten-free recipes or goodies if the user's online activity suggests Celiac disease. Advances in face recognition may also assist virtual shopping assistants, helping them recommend complementary products. Today, people already see tailored sponsored ads and search results, so intelligent adaptive design is likely on the horizon for most sites.

Final Thoughts

Artificial Intelligence is making waves in the modern world and is changing how people browse, work, communicate, and find information. It is only slated to improve and evolve in the coming years.

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