3 Big Reasons Why You Need a Cloud-Based Quality Management Solution

Quality Management Solution
Quality Management Solution

So, let me put this straight up from the start and there are many reasons why you need a cloud-based QMS (Quality management system ). If you are not utilizing the cloud for your quality management solution then this would be better for you to read on. Here I would like to discuss a few things about moving your QMS to the cloud.

Yeah, I know it has been discussed earlier also but I decided to go over the board and discuss the three, yes three, you heard me right. I will discuss three main points that make the most sense.

Total Cost of Ownership

On the contrary, quality solutions do carry a few hidden back-end costs that you might not be aware of while deploying quality solutions such as costs of servers, work stations, infrastructure, and data centers. All these do not include the added costs of deploying multiple sites, which require tiers of servers and data centers and god knows what other stuff.

Another thing that you need to add is the cost of resources you need to have available to maintain and manage the hardware and mind that these people are highly trained professionals and they do not come in cheap.

As you can already see that the expenses are piling up quickly. With on-premises solutions, there is always so much involved in the cost rather than the software.

How to cut the cost of ownership with a cloud-based Quality management system

Moving your quality management system to the cloud means utilizing cutting-edge technology for SaaS purposes. With a cloud-based Quality management system, most of the equipment is taken care of at the host end. The host then carries all the responsibilities and the costs of the hardware. Essentially the price you see is the price you pay for the software. There are no hidden fees for the infrastructure or for the backend hardware.

And of course the cost of resources to manage the hardware shrinks. If there is no hardware to manage then you do not need the technical people to take care of it.

Try before you buy

Intellect’s cloud-based quality management system is a great example of moving to the cloud. With our risk-free 14-day trial program you can easily and quickly get your hands on it and see if it’s right for your organization or not.

Although it is not so easy with on-premises solutions. In most cases, you can obtain an evaluation license for an on-premises solution but you still need to install it through dedicated resources and on a server where you can test it.

Access to Innovation

Because the solution is not on-premises and you are accessing the interface via a browser you are always using the most updated version present.

When the Intellect development team issues a new software release or patch, everyone who is using that software gets that release with the latest updates.


Many other folks working in technology feel (and I agree with most of them) that the internet is the platform made for the future. It is present here, obviously, but it is also the direction in which everything is going. There’s no denying it. One of the strengths of using the internet for your quality solution is its flexibility.

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