Kinect For Windows Can Track Finger Movements

Kinect For Windows Can Track Finger Movements
Kinect For Windows Can Track Finger Movements

Microsoft new Kinect sensor for Windows can finally track your finger movements. Redmond’ Research Division is showing off some recent advancements it’s made with Handpose. It is a way to fully track finger movement with its do-all gizmo in a variety of conditions.

The video below shows off the $150 PC peripheral analyses and captures intricate finger and hand movements seemingly easily from both close range and further back. The changes in lighting did not affect the fidelity; tracking is all performed by the Kinects depth sensor, not its camera.

As Kotaku notes, however, this looks very much like something that’ll be used for applications outside of gaming, rather than as a boost for your Dance Central skills. Handpose looks like another in a long line of clever Kinect implementations that’s designed to be used best away from video games.

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