How To Use Email Settings – Samsung Galaxy Note Pro

How To Use Email Settings - Samsung Galaxy Note Pro
How To Use Email Settings - Samsung Galaxy Note Pro

Learn how to use Email Settings on your Samsung Galaxy Note Pro. Use the Email Settings to configure your Email preferences.

Note: Available settings depend on the email provider.

  • Touch Email icon.
  • Touch Menu Key > Settings, then touch General settings. The following options display:
    • Display: Set how email is shown in the email list and when you open them.
    • Composing and sending: Set what functions are available while composing and sending email.
    • Auto-advance: Set the screen to show after deleting a message. Choices are: Next email, Previous email, or Email list.
    • Confirm deletions: Ask for confirmation before deleting email.
    • Priority senders: Enter email addresses that you want treated as a priority.
    • Spam addresses: Manage your spam address list.
    • Rules for filtering: Create rules for filtering email based on names, address, or subject.
    • Touch an account to configure specific settings. Available options depend on the account.

Composing and Sending Email

  • Touch Email icon. If you have multiple accounts set up, choose an account from the menu at the top of the screen.
  • Touch Compose icon, then touch fields to enter recipients and the email text. While composing a message:
    • Touch displayed buttons to set Priority, Tracking options, Security options, and so on.
    • Touch Attach icon to add a file to the message. Available options depend on the type of email account.
    • Touch the body of the email to enter the text of your email. Touch the text option buttons to edit and format your message text.
    • Touch Send icon to send the message.
    • Touch Save icon to save the email to the Drafts folder.

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