How To Use Browser On Samsung Galaxy S4

How To Use Browser On Samsung Galaxy S4

Learn how to use the browser on your Samsung Galaxy S4. You can access a website quickly by entering the URL. Websites are optimized for viewing on your phone. To enter a URL and go to a particular website, follow these steps:

Tap the URL field at the top of your screen.

Enter the URL using the on-screen keypad. The website displays.

Search the Internet

To perform an internet search using keywords, follow these steps:

Tap the Search bar at the top of the browser.

Enter the keyword(s) to search using the on-screen keypad and tap Search lens icon.

Tap a link to view the website.

Adding and Deleting Windows

You can have up to eight Internet windows open at one time. To add a new window, follow these steps:

From your browser, press Menu key > New window. A new browser window is opened.

Tap Windows icon to see thumbnails of all open windows.

Tap a window listing to open up that Internet window.

Tap delete icon at the top right corner of the web page thumbnail to delete the window.

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