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PDFBear is a promising tool and a PDF converter anyone would look for. It helps people convert PDFs into other usable formats like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and JPEG. Many users are having a hard time finding different tools for their needs, but with PDFBear, they will no longer look for different tools if they have PDFBear.

Many people have a hard time handling their PDF files, especially when it is from one origin because they are dispersed and divided. PDFBear is the one that stands out when it comes to an easier way to combine, convert, split files. It is also the perfect tool to compress files without risking quality.

It is possible worldwide through different devices like laptops, smartphones, or tablets, etc., that they can connect to the internet. Using PDFBear can quickly help combine, compress, change, or split any PDF files to be hassle-free to use, and many people are saying that it is the best software or tool that they use today. People can also use it without spending money.

Repairs Corrupted Files

By fixing the PDF files, PDFbear is the most popular tool that people use nowadays. The only way to fix your file when it is damaged is to convert it from PDF to Word. PDFBear has a repair kit that will try to repair the file to make it work again. PDFBear’s Repair KIT will usually be able to fix and restore files that have been corrupted.

Available On Any Platform

This converter can be accessed on any device, whether it be Windows, Linux, Mac, or even iOS or Android. Since the file must be downloaded for it to be converted, users must use internet download manager programs to speed up the process. The browser that people use is not a problem as well because PDFbear supports the majority of the web browsers people use.

Splits PDF Files

It can also split your PDF files aside from merging them to be more comfortable for anyone. PDFBear has a split PDF function in handling huge digital documents. It also has a PDF split to individualize them if they composed a lot of pages. When using a PDF function, they need to separate the pages from one another because they have different purposes.

Merges PDF Files

PDFBear is an all-around function for computer users who are still starting to learn how to merge PDF files and do not have complete information on what they are doing. If they want to combine the documents, they received, and then the PDF function is all they need. In the prevention of its data loss, there is a process in making compilation documents.

Shares PDF Files Through Email

If it makes the person feel uneasy when their PDF file is too big, the PDF PowerPoint the tools they need to compress their data while keeping your quality the same. The technology used in this tool will help decrease the document’s size but keep its quality the same as the original.

Does not Keep Your Files On Their Servers

It can also resize your data without paying additional charges. Every single data or document will be deleted right away from the server without keeping any copies from them. It offers users a lot of time to download all of their files and then remove them afterward. Users can also read the Privacy Policy of PDF Bear if they want more information about it.

Offers A Convenient Cloud System

Malware, viruses, and cybercrime like hacking have all acclimated to the changing times as technology and security protecting computers improve, so make threats. These things have evolved and multiplied to other more risks to the safety of your file. There are also threats where the whole hard drive can fall prey to that are called malware.

Malware is one of the most popular viruses in today’s technology. It can spread from one file to another by attaching it to downloadable files. The most important part of this compressing tool’s features is it also has a cloud system. It suggests that inquiring to emerge or compress your PDF file is not an issue whenever or wherever they are.

Converts PPT To PDF

With a simple and straightforward process, many users can convert their PowerPoint files into PDFs. With the help of this useful tool, a lot of things can be done. The system ensures that your file quality is whole and complete after converting them into PDFs if users want to send their presentations to friends, colleagues, classmates, or workmates without hassle.

Converts JPG To PDF

If the users want to look at a PDF file to convert their photos, they can also use PDFBear to convert their JPG file into a PDF file. The instructions that are given when people are using the tool are so simple and easy to follow, and with only a few minutes or seconds, PDFs are ready. They can upload their photos online as quickly as possible with PDFBear servers’ help.

All they need to do is to upload the image or JPG they want, then press “convert” while waiting for it to start the download. Once they are done, users can have a new converted and arranged PDF file from the JPG. It also has text from the JPG file and can be handed over to a new file and will be ready to use. It also supports Google Drive, OneDrive, and DropBox.

Guarantees Protection And Security

People must not worry about their security in using PDFbear because it has an advanced feature that keeps the file secured and will automatically delete the file after working with it. To protect the users’ files PDFbear uses a 256-Bit encryption standard in setting the password. They can also access it anytime as long as they are connected to the internet.


PDFBear has a complete package like merge, split, convert, compress, repair, and a lot of other things for their PDF file. Always give all users trust in PDFBear. This tool is qualified to achieve the goal in a matter of a minute, and aside from being reliable and very safe to use, PDF Bear doesn’t cost you any money.

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