How To Use Wireless Charging In Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 5
Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has a built-in wireless charging coil. You can charge the battery using a wireless charger. The wireless charger is not a part of the Note 5 package and you need to buy it separately.

Fast wireless charging

You can charge your device faster using the fast wireless charging feature. To use this feature, you must use a charger and components that support the fast wireless charging feature.

[alert type=”info” icon-size=”big”]A fan inside the charger may produce noise during fast wireless charging. To reduce the fan noise, you must deactivate the Fast wireless charging feature. The on/off option will be added in your device’s settings menu when you first place it on the charger. On the Home screen, tap Apps -> Settings -> Accessories, and then tap the Fast wireless charging switch to deactivate it. Deactivating this feature will reduce noise, but may result in slower charging times.[/alert]

Charging the battery

  • Place the center of the device’s back on the center of the wireless charger.

[alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]You can check the remaining charging time on the screen. The actual remaining time may vary depending on the charging conditions.[/alert]

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - Wireless Charging

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – Wireless Charging

  • After fully charging, disconnect the device from the wireless charger.

[alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]

  • When there are foreign materials between the device and the wireless charger, the device may not charge properly.
  • If you use the wireless charger in areas with weak network signals, you may lose network reception.
  • Use Samsung-approved wireless chargers. If you use other wireless chargers, the battery may not charge properly.



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  1. laura34 says:

    I felt the charger should be part of Samsung package than buying from others.