Unlock Interiors In GTA 4

Unlock Interiors In GTA 4

You can enter interiors in Multi Player of GTA 4. Follow the simple steps below

Join Bomb Da Base II and bring some friends and tell them about it and that you are free roaming.

  • Due to the Mission's script, it unlocks all doors to get through them because of the Platypus.

Have fun and kick anyone who isn't your friend as they will try to beat the mission regardless of what youre doing.

Try to put friendly fire if you want to, if you feel like having a fun deathmatch in Liberty City.

List of Confirmed places that can be entered:

  • Brucies Garage
  • Roman's Taxi Depot
  • Comrade's Bar
  • Steinway Beer Garden
  • Bank Of Liberty
  • Smackdown House Interiors
  • Dwayne Forge's Apartment Door
  • Crack House on San Jacinto Ave
  • Niko's Safehouses
  • Store from "Bull In China Shop" Mission
  • The Majestic Hotel and Stairs
  • Goldberg Ligner And Shyster Coporate Building and Office
  • Platypus Interior(obviously)
  • Any Mission interior


  • You will have lives, so be careful not to get killed too much so have it on easy and you will have the most lives
  • Ignore the bomb van and let it be as it is
  • Have Fun and find lots of weapons for your guys
  • Put on Friendly Fire to have more fun as youre not too big on money right now
  • You May spook someone if you don't inform them
  • This Only works on Bomb Da Base II not free mode or Hangman's NOOSE
  • This Works only on Multiplayer but if it works while on a single player mission go for it and let your friends know about it

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