Dominate In MultiPlayer On GTA 4

Dominate In MultiPlayer On GTA 4

Have you always wanted to gang bang like a pro with your homies in GTA 4? You can dominate in Multi Player in GTA 4. Follow the simple steps below

Always carry your pistol or any weapon with you at all times.

Make sure you have auto aim on so it could help you aim at your target a lot easier.

Once you're aiming down at your target try to move the right analog stick up so youre the middle dot of your crosshairs is at your targets HEAD. THEN BOOM! Fire away, the head shot should take your enemies health faster than a normal body shot. IF you try doing this a lot you'll get the hang of it and soon kick everyones booty.

When firing try aiming at the targets head this time, but instead of going trigger happy, try firing in burst so that you maintain accuracy on your shot.

If you love a good old drive by with a few of your cronies try this...If you have your pal in the car and he wants to hit up some Noobz then drive to your desired victim.

If your victim isn't in the car then it should be an easy kill *UNLESS* you're some called victim has an rpg aiming right at you.... But slow down the car let your man shoot him up and continue speeding down the road. BUT if your victim was to fight back and fire at your windshield when driving towards him try being as elusive as you can swerving the car yet controlling and RUN HIS ASS OVER.

AS for the helicopters...Everyone loves to get in a chopper right. Well sometimes driving a GTA helicopter is kind of difficult so all I have to say is get use to the controls. If you're trying to get a nice kill with the choppers mini guns do into first person view and fire and see if that helps on your accuracy.


  • ALWAYS be careful of Gangbangers in groups.
  • ALWAYS be careful to screw with the person with the rocket launcher.
  • BE Friendly to ones that want to be your friend,you make new friends and new homes to help you take care of those not so friendly people
  • GTA 4 is rated M for Mature

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