Take Butt Selfie Using Belfie Stick

Take Butt Selfie Using Belfie Stick
Take Butt Selfie Using Belfie Stick

This is just a fancy name for a butt selfie. Similar to the “selfie stick,” which is a broomstick like extension with a secure strap at the top for your phone, the “Belfie stick” is a pole with a place at the end where you can securely place your handset. While the “selfie stick” allows you to take selfies with a larger background and more people, the “Belfie stick” is angled perfectly to give you the ability to snap a great shot of your dierriere.

The “Belfie stick” allows you to find the perfect angle so that your front-facing camera can snap away at your rear assets. The product, which costs $79.99, is currently sold out. But it will be back in stock later this year, and you can pre-order your “Belfie stick” right now so you won’t have to worry about missing the boat when it returns to the shelves.

Created by ON.com, the company reportedly interviewed 10,000 selfie experts, many of whom said that they had trouble positioning a stick in order to take a butt selfie. The “Belfie” name was allegedly created by Kim Kardashian.

You can visit the company’s website, or pre-order your “Belfie stick,” by clicking on the source link below. The stick works with Android, iOS and Windows Phone handsets.


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