Stress Management

stress management

Stress has recently become popular word in our life. We speak of this, as the age of stress. Worry, anxiety, insomnia, stomach ulcers have become accepted as a necessary part of the world which we live.

Anxiety the distress evoked by lifes pressures is perhaps the emotion with greatest weight of scientific evidence connecting it to the onset of sickness and course of recovery.

Stress can be good or bad, depending on our attitude to the situation on hand. If stress is causing depression or distress, it needs to be minimised, eliminated or balanced, with time spent doing things that give joy and happiness. The excuse of I have no time just will not work; Remember, stress can be a killer and simply stop your time altogether.

There are several factors which cause stress; Stress is generally caused under following conditions

  1. People who are anxiety prone by nature, get into lot of stress;
  2. An unexpected turn of events, which suddenly hits a person, causes stress;
  3. When the workload is more and the physical stamina is less, stress creeps in;
  4. External factors like conflicts, noise pollution, fear of failure, loss of the loved ones, disappointments faced after over expectations, refusing to face and accept the realities of life, lack of interest in the job, non-conductive conditions at home or the work spot or repeated interactions (which are unavoidable) with people with totally opposite nature can cause stress.
  5. Any change, or even an attempt to change anything we are used to, makes us uncomfortable. While attempting to change ourselves, we have to move out of our comfort zone, which makes us increasingly uneasy and ultimately results in stress.

Managing Stress

Stress and anxiety are closely related to our perspectives and attitudes towards life situation. Stress is also directly connected to the immune system of our body. Hence, the mental poise, a positive mental attitude, balancing tension with relaxation and frequent switching over to pleasant and peace giving conditions, meditation etc. can help us in managing the damaging effects of stress on our health.

The best way to keep ourselves free from tensions and stress is to cultivate a rational, reasonable pleasant and positive attitude towards everything in life which comes out of cultivating a balanced personality.

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