Start A Perfect Riot in GTA San Andreas

Start A Perfect Riot in GTA San Andreas

There are many exciting things to do in San Andreas. But the best way to generate the most excitement and action in the game is when the whole state of San Andreas is rioting and looting and killing like crazy. This guide will work for PS2, follow the simple steps below

The rioting is basically done just by a bunch of cheats combined together. If you have never typed in a cheat code before, you must simply press the buttons during gameplay without messing them up. I will explain which ones you need to put in and what they do to help.

  • First cheat, circle, right, circle, right, left, square, triangle, up. This cheat will stop the cops from chasing after you. Now you will never have any stars appear. This is an important cheat because the whole city will be going crazy and you will be the only one getting into trouble. This cheat will stop that. So now you wont get chased by the cops.
  • Press L2, right, L1, up, X, L1, L2, R2, R1, L1, L1, L1. This cheat will make more crappy cars appear on the streets. More crappy cars will make it seem more like a riot.
  • Next, R2, circle, r1, L2, left, R1, L2, left, R1 L1, R2, L2. This is an important cheat. it will bring the riot to the streets. cars will not stop for traffic or lights, they will constantly run people over and cops will chase after many of them. Many more pursuits and drive-bys will occur now.
  • Next, and most importantly, L2 right, L1, triangle, right, right, R1, L1, right, L1, L1, L1. This is the most important one because this will officially launch the riot. People will beat up each other, buildings and houses will be burning, you will hear the loud yells and screams of the rioters. Many will be stealing thing and you can see them run away with a TV or a radio. You will hear constant gunshots. Helicopters will constantly be patrolling with searchlights looking for rioters to shoot.

(If you look closely, you can tell that nobody is flying the helicopters.) Drivers will be pulled out of their cars and beaten to death. Cars will constantly explode. It is exactly like the rioting experienced (Spoiler) on the last few missions.

  • When you get use to the riots and are ready to face the big-time killing, type in this final cheat. R2, R1, X, triangle, X, up, down, R1, L1, L1. Now the rioters will have access to guns! There will be 10x more carnage and killing. You will have a much bigger chance of being killed now.


  • The best place to be during the riot is Los Santos. it has much better atmosphere for a riot.
  • It is boring to be in the countryside during the riot.
  • You Will Need Weapons.
  • For more police to control the riot, type in this: right, R2, up, up, R2, circle, square, R2, L1, right, down, L1.
  • The best vehicle to have when you are in the riot is the rhino tank. To get one, type in: circle, circle, L1, circle, circle, circle, L1, L2, R1, triangle, circle, and triangle.
  • If you don't want a riot and you just want to kill people and have a war, don't type in the other cheats and just type in this cheat: down, left, up, left, X, R2, R1, L2, L1.
  • If you want a riot to start against YOU, don't type in the other cheats and just type in this cheat: X, L1, up, square, down, X, L2, triangle, down, R1, L1, L1. All the toughest men in the game will now appear on the streets and hunt you down and kill you.
  • For full health, get to cover and quickly use this cheat when youre dying: R1, R2, L1, X, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP. It will help you stay alive during the riot.
  • Always Remember: This is just a game. Do not do anything you see in it.
  • Cheating can mess up your game.
  • Do NOT save with the cheats on!

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