Start A Fire In GTA San Andreas

Start A Fire In GTA San Andreas

You can start 5 kinds of fires In GTA San Andreas. Follow the simple steps below

1. Ahh, It Burns

Get a hold of a Flamethrower or a Rocket launcher.

Aim and Shoot.

Congrats, you have started a fire!

2. Helicopter Crashdown

Get rocket launchers.

Find a police helicopter in Los Santos

Before it gets away, shoot it with the rocket launchers.

3. Helicopter Skydive

Make sure that you have a flying license

Get In a Helicopter

Go Somewhere Very High (2000 ft high (top limit))


Press Triangle to open the Parachute

As you open the Parachute you will hear an explosion

Before you land aim for the helicopter

When you land there is no fire but you will see the burned helicopter

4. Car Bomb

Use cheats to spawn cars

Fill a space (Ganton Culdesac, The empty air base, and the Airports)

Put bombs beside the cars


And All Cars Will Explode

5. Killer Plane

Fly A Plane (you can use any kind)

Crash the plane by crashing into a building, jumping out, etc.

If you want to crash the plane into a building, make sure that there is enough space to use your parachute.

Within time, the plane will vanish


For the PS2, enter the “Wanted Level Never Goes Up” cheat code (circle, right, circle, right, left, square, triangle, up.). Be warned this will not remove any stars you currently have.

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