Soldier-Centric Army Apps Coming Soon, Apple And Andorid Gets Drafted


What you users think in a sudden, you may have assumed any gaming apps or some fan clubs apps like that. However they are the Defense Contractors, trying to turn the US Army into a lethal Apple/Android force with this Soldier-Centric Apps. Harris Corp. has a tablet apps in that it allows the soldiers to control IP cameras on UAVs for more pertinent intel on the ground while the soldier can simultaneously send that information to the command centers anywhere in the World. Meanwhile, the Intelligent Software Solutions aims to bring mapping mash ups to the battlefield. With an apps that combines smartphones’ geolocations with historical data to show troops what’s being going down in the area from IED explosions to insurgent arrests. Best of all is that these apps lower training costs since most warriors are already fluent in Android or iOS and their hand helds will be cheap to replace the more robust $10,000 units in the field today. Should protective measures fail, the devices relatively low replacement costs makes them almost disposable.

Amarnath Natarajan

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