Show Your Framerate In Counter Strike

Show Your Framerate In Counter Strike

It is actually very easy to measure your framerate in Counter Strike Source, follow the simple steps below

Join a server and begin playing

Open up the console in-game (usually pressing the ` key (the one above Tab)

Type “cl_showfps 1” (without the quotation marks)

Exit the console

Look in the top right hand corner of the screen – there should be a number in small font

The FPS rate will be either red (below 50 FPS), yellow (50-60 FPS) or green (more than 60 FPS)or white (more than 100 FPS)


  • To turn off the framerate, type “cl_showfps 0” (again, don’t type the quotation marks!)
  • If you are consistently having under 50 FPS, consider upgrading your graphics card.
  • Remember to watch your enemy more than the framerate or your team will get annoyed by your performance and you may be kicked.

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