Your life today is the result of your personal choices and this life is not a rehearsal for something else. Your aim in life should be to understand and utilize effectively your full potential as a human being and become everything you are capable of becoming for which self-analysis is the first step.

Your Self-Analysis process includes

Part 1

  • Defining yourself as depicted by your Self-Image (at the moment)

  • Identifying you Self-Ideal

  • Determining the degree of your Self-Esteem

Part 2

  • Identifying your values in life

  • Deciding the priorities of your values

  • Understanding your basic emotions (which decide your personality traits) and qualities

Part 3

  • Identifying your strengths and weakness

  • Understanding your limitations

  • Digging out innate talents

Self-Analysis Process

Start the process with a fresh and positive mental state. Remind yourself that this is the essential step needed to chart out the action plan for your own development in life. Look at yourself as a balanced outsider and make the analysis. Never leave anything that comes to your mind about yourself, because, even a trivial matter matters.

Outcome of Self-Analysis

At the end of the analysis you are now

  • Clear about your Self-Image, emotions, values, strengths and weaknesses, aspirations, limitations etc.

  • You know what you are, why you are so, what you want to be and how can you achieve what you want.

Well, now write your mission statement, set your goals and write your action plan with time frame.

Come on, enjoy the session and enrich your S-E-L-F

Raja Rajan

Raja is obsessed with technology and Cricket for as long as he can remember. Nowadays he work as a freelance developer and writer for

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