Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Fails Bend Test, Bendgate Continues

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Fails Bend Test, Bendgate Continues
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Fails Bend Test, Bendgate Continues

The YouTube user who did bend test for iPhone 6 Plus, posted another clip this week on how Samsung Galaxy Note 4 bends against pressure; the Bendgate continues.

Just like Apple iPhone 6 Plus; the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 bends against strong pressure applied with both hands. But its nowhere near as severe as iPhone 6 Plus. Hilsenteger says in the video on his Unbox Therapy channel.

After receiving complaints from Apple fans that testing only the iPhone 6 Plus was unfair, he took on the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 4. While the previous model held up well against the bending pressure of his hands, but the Galaxy Note 4 bends in same spot where the iPhone 6 Plus bends.

"I had to put a lot of pressure into it to achieve it [with the Galaxy Note 4], but even still, the Galaxy Note 3 was completely fine," he says.

Samsung has tried to exploit the iPhone 6 Bendgate by releasing its own bending tests and poking fun at its rival; perhaps it will have to rethink that strategy now.

The conversation here is, why are other devices engineered to a specification higher than others? If no phones ever bend, why can the Note 3 withstand 150 pounds of force, whereas other devices are less than half of that?" he says.

"The bend tests are not the be-all and end-all of durability testing on a phone; they are the far end of the spectrum," Hilsenteger says. "I can't possibility replicate six months, a year or two years of ownership in a video that comes out two weeks after the phone is out. In some circumstances, we have to push the boundaries because you are going to be the owner of the device for two years, maybe more, and it's a significant investment."

But perhaps these types of videos will help manufacturers think more about how to make devices not bendable.

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