Rob A Store In GTA Vice City

Rob A Store In GTA Vice City

You can rob stores on GTA Vice City by pointing gun on the shop owners. It requires 100% completion, but it allows gives you a nice amount of money, if you are starting off in the game. Follow the simple steps below

Obtain a gun with a lock-on target mechanism. Suitable guns include pistols, sub-machine guns, or shotguns.

Drive to a store that can be robbed. There are 15 stores to be robbed. See the next section for a detailed list of available stores.

Walk into the store and find the store owner. He is usually wearing a brown shirt and glasses and found behind the checkout counter.

Aim your gun at him but do not shoot. He will raise his hands in fear. A glowing stack of money will appear on the counter. The longer you keep aiming at him, the more money you'll get. However, you'll also get a wanted level. One stack won't do anything. Two will give you a one-star wanted level. Three stacks will give you two stars, and finally four stacks (the most) will result in a three-star wanted level.

Collect the money and quickly leave the store. You only have to take one stack for it to count on your stats, but you can get away with $1000 if you're able to shake off your three-star wanted level.

Get rid of your wanted level. You can visit a Pay 'n Spray, find police bribes, change your clothes, or just wait it off (if it's only one star).

List Of Stores

Eastern Vice City

  • Washington Beach
    • Bunch Of Tools
    • Vice Point
      • Jewelry Store #1
      • Dispensary Plus
      • Corner Store
      • North Point Mall
        • Jewelry Store #2 on the ground floor
        • Tooled Up on the ground floor
        • Vinyl Countdown (music store) upper level
        • GASH - 2 floors; clerk is on the ground floor

Western Vice City

  • Little Havana
  • Coffee Bagels Donuts
  • Screw This
  • Cafe Robina
  • Laundromat
  • Little Haiti
    • Ryton Aide Pharmacy
    • Downtown
      • Jewelry Store #3
      • Dispensary Plus


  • Have a car (preferably a fast sports car) outside the store for a quick getaway.
  • The Ryton Aide Pharmacy in Little Haiti is the easiest store to rob since its right next to a Pay 'n Spray.
  • If you don't want to go through the hassle of getting rid of your wanted level, you can just input a cheat code to make it disappear.
  • Robbing all of the stores once will give you $15,000 total and a step closer towards 100% completion.
  • Never attempt to rob an Ammu-Nation store. The clerk will pull out a gun and fire at you.
  • If you shoot the clerk, the security alarm will sound and you'll automatically get a two-star wanted level.
  • Saving with cheat codes activated can potentially corrupt your save file.

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