Reduce Battery Consumption On Android Phone

Reduce Battery Consumption On Android Phone

You can reduce your battery consumption on your Android Phone or Tablet, follow the simple steps below

  • First of all set the brightness of the screen to a optimal value that you are comfortable with. Do not set the screen brightness to auto mode as it will consume lot of your battery.
  • Install apps that will kill the applications that are running in the background but are not being used by any of the processes. This probably is the problem of Android, where in the unused applications keep running in the background consuming a lot of memory and hence battery.
  • Keep the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS disabled, enable then only when you need as keeping these enabled all the time will eat up your battery.
  • If you are using live wallpaper, make sure it is a very optimal one and do not eat up lot of your memory and battery.
  • Install apps, which will allow you to switch on/off your internet connection rather than keeping your phone always connected to internet.
  • Use a short message tone so that, less battery is consumed while notifying you of the incoming message.
  • Use only those internet applications that you really use, do not subscribe for unnecessary feeds, e-mail alerts etc. Also make sure the notification period for the internet based application is optimal.

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