Rearrange iPhone Home Screen Icons


Rearranging the iPhones home screen icons includes moving them to other screen. From storing apps in folders to put your favorites on the first screen so you can access them easily. Because, all the iOS devices like iPad and iPod Touch can be customized using this.

  • Tap on an app and hold your finger on it until the icons start shaking
  • When the icons are shaking, you can rearrange them in whatever order you want (icons have to swap places on the screen, though. They cant be moved to empty space)
  • To move the icon to a new screen, called a page, just drag the icon off the screen to the right or left and let it go when the new page appears
  • When the icon is in the place you want it, let it go
  • To save the changes, tap the home button
  • You can have up to 9 pages of apps, it allows you to fill your iPhone screen full of apps and web clips and scroll through those pages in an easy way. The items in the dock are consistent across all the screens and dont change. You can also create new pages by dragging apps off the current last page on your iPhone home screen. A new page will be created. Let the apps go there and save the new page. You can also create pages when your iPhone is synced to your computer.
  • If you have more than one page of icons in your iPhone or iPad after rearranging them, you can scroll through the pages either by flicking them left or right or tap the white dots above the dock. The white dots indicate how many pages you have. You can store iPhone apps or web clips in folders. Each folder can contain up to 12 apps on the iPhone and 20 apps on the iPad. You can move and arrange the folders in the same way as apps.

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