Life is not what comes to you but it is how you look at it;

Your perspectives of your life are formed from

  • What you learnt from your observations;
  • What you learnt from others;
  • What you assimilated from your knowledge; and
  • What you gained from your experiences

What you learnt from the above factors, are seen in the light of

  • Your basic personality traits and
  • Already formed convictions and values which ultimately decide the complexion of your perspectives.

For the same experience different individuals react differently according to their own perspectives.

The perspectives of

  • The introverts are totally different from that of extroverts; and
  • That of optimists are totally different from that of pessimists.

An Optimist

A Pessimist

Turns the impossible into possible

Turns the possible into the impossible

Pleasantly ponders how high the kite will fly

Woefully wonders how soon the kite will fall

Sees a green near every sand trap

Sees a sand trap near every green

Looks at the horizon and sees an opportunity

Peers into distance and fears a problem

Promotes Progress, Prosperity and Plenty

Preaches limitations liabilities and losses

Runs the race to win or lose

Sits in the shade, to sleep or sloth

Prefers a tough life or thrill and glory

Prefers an easy life of dullness and drudgery

Happily takes stripes of honour with the stains of blood

Never attempts to fly high, afraid of falling down to the ground

To the optimist all the doors have handles and hinges

To the pessimist all the doors have locks and latches

Raja Rajan

Raja is obsessed with technology and Cricket for as long as he can remember. Nowadays he work as a freelance developer and writer for

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