Ninja Gaiden 3 to have Complex Muiltiplayer


The upcoming Ninja Gaiden 3 series will have a multiplayer mode, said Project lead Yosuke Hayashi in the April issue of PlayStations official magazine. He offered no details on the multiplayer mode, other saying that it will be complex. Unlike the previous versions Ninja Gaiden 3 will release simultaneously for both PS3 and Xbox 360 versions.


The Ninja Gaiden is known for their punishing level of difficulty, but Ninja Gaiden 3 will buck the trend by making the game more accessible to novices.


Hayashi explains that many fans feel good about the difficulty level, but we are taking a slightly different approach. Its not that the game is going to be easier nothing like that. Its just what we are trying to make the whole game, a more exciting game that can be enjoyed by anyone. But the hard core gamers will be able to feel and appreciate what the series is about.

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