Modify Your Smartphone Cordset

Modify Your Smartphone Cordset

You can fix the proprietary Smartphone headset cords, for that you need some basic soldering skills. All you need are Soldering iron, wire cutters, and helping hands (are small clamps that hold your parts securely while you solder for electronic use). Follow the simple steps below

  • Cut off the ear buds that come with your stock cord set. Then, strip back the wires, exposing them. Purchase a simple 3.5mm (1/8th-inc) barrel connector from an electronics supply store. This should be a solder-on model.
  • Solder the same colored wires (these are the grounds) to the long post on the barrel connector. Solder one of each different colored wire to one of each shorter post. Stereo headsets have three connections: one Left channel, one Right channel, and one Ground or Common.
  • Plug in your favorite headset. You're not limited to the ear buds that come with your phone. And you keep the microphone that's included with your original cord set.


This works for any Smartphone headset wire that has a proprietary connector

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