Manage 3G Usage On Android Device

Manage 3G Usage On Android Device

You can manage your 3G usage on your Android Device, some of you may be running out with your monthly data limit. You can manage it using 3G Watchdog, APNdroid, free programs that are available on Android Market. Follow the simple steps below

  • Download 3G Watchdog and APNDroid from the Android Market (preferably over Wi-Fi).
  • Open 3G Watchdog.
  • Define your data plan’s quota and starting date. If you are unsure of the date and plan, contact your mobile carrier and inquire.
  • Set the percentage of the quota at which you would like to be warned of your high 3G usage.
  • It is strongly recommended, to make sure your mobile phone bill doesn’t get too expensive, to let 3G Watchdog “Auto-disable 3G” when you get very close to your quota.
  • Do not let the application “Keep MMS Enabled” after it turns off your 3G as you are close to your data quota.
  • Check the option “Auto-re-enable 3G when usage back under limit”.
  • Set the refresh rate of the notification and widget to “every 30 seconds. The application uses very little battery; it should not affect your battery life.
  • Set the rest of the alert settings to your personal preference.
  • Save 3G Watchdog’s settings.
  • Add an APNdroid widget to your home screen to enable and disable your 3G at your liking. It is recommended to turn off your 3G when you are not using it, as you are actively saving battery life. Try and keep your 3G off as much as possible to maximize battery life and minimize your 3G usage


  • For best results, it would be better to set 3G Watchdog’s settings as soon as your data count reverts to zero, or ‘at the beginning of your month’.
  • If not, set 3G Watchdog to alert you (and turn off your 3G) at a lower percentage of your quota, to be on the safe side.
  • By turning off your 3G with APNdroid, you are actively saving battery life. Try and keep your 3G off as much as possible to maximize battery life and minimize your 3G usage.
  • APNdroid and 3G Watchdog are powerful programs; explore them and try different configurations!
  • If you like the apps, donate or buy the full programs.
  • This method is not 100% fool-proof. You could have used more or less of your data plan than is shown by 3G Watchdog.
  • If you use Google Talk or Google Voice as part of your daily smartphone experience, you will not be able to access these services as they require a data connection. If you would like to continue using these applications, modify your 3G Watchdog settings.

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