Make Mechanisms On Minecraft

Make Mechanisms On Minecraft

The red stone stuff is really confusing you, you can make mechanisms on Minecraft. Follow the simple steps below

Red stone will activate things from a distance. For example, you could ignite TNT with red stone. But you need a switch to do it. (Stick on top of cobblestone in crafting.) This will open iron doors and ignite TNT without red stone.) Red stone can be place on the ground like a wire. Pistons will activate using lit up red stone wire. You could push TNT onto an activated switch and activate an even larger stream of TNT.

Red stone will only give power for 16 blocks, so put a red stone repeater to make the power go another 16 blocks. This is useful for making "nuclear" bombs out of TNT without getting hurt.

Flint and steel is made out of iron ingot and flint diagonally upward and right in the crafting table. With these, you can light stuff on fire. Fire will spread across flammable objects, so you can make a trail of flammable objects leading up to TNT.

Make portals by placing obsidian five blocks high, four blocks wide, and the blocks will connect to make a rectangle. Note: This will not work lying flat.

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