Make A Treehouse In Minecraft

Make A Treehouse In Minecraft

You can make a treehouse in Minecraft. Follow the simple steps below

Make a wide and long hollow tube out of wood from trees that have not been made into planks yet. Make sure you make it going up. A good distance up would be 10 or so blocks.

Add ladders so you can go up and down the wooden tube.

Add a plank wood shack going around the tube. Feel free to widen the platform for the shack to be on. Make sure to leave door holes in the shack.

Make bridges connecting it to other shacks.

Add finishing touches such as support beams for realism. Paintings for class. Even furniture like bookshelves, beds, and chests

Add extra layers to your tree house by extending the tube and repeating steps 2 through 5

Your tree house is complete!


  • Use Sneak mode (Left Shift by default) so you don't fall from dangerous heights.
  • With the wood you obtain from destroying the trees, create wood planks, and a crafting table. Use it to create some sticks out of wood planks, and then create an axe and torches. Torches are made with coal and a single stick.
  • Bone meal instantly turns saplings into full-grown trees
  • Remember not to make it too high as it may be struck by lightning and catch on fire.
  • Destroy the trees in the surrounding area. If you start a forest fire, your work (quite literally) will go up in flames.
  • Add torches to the surrounding area as well. It will increase the visibility during night time, and prevent hostile mobs from spawning.

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