Make A Counter Strike: Source Dedicated Server


You can make a Counter Strike Source dedicated server, follow the simple steps below

Open Command Prompt (CMD).

Type In "ipconfig.

Find Your Default Gateway.

Find Your IP Address v4.

Remember Them.

Put your default gateway in your web browser.

  • A Site should come up.

Under the firewall Tab you should find Virtual Servers.

Click Virtual Servers.

Login. The Default Password is Blank.

Get the Last Number(s) of your Ip Address V4 and Type them in first box.

  • Your Protocol is UDP.
  • LAN is 27015 Public is 27015.

Check Enable.

Click Set Now You Are Free to exit the site.

Install Source dedicated Server off Steam.

Launch Source dedicated server.

Choose Game As Counter Strike: Source.

Choose Server Name.

Leave Map Default to De_dust.

  • Network is Internet.

Choose Your Players.

  • UDP Port is 27015.

Type your RCON password in.

Tick Secure if you don't want cheaters.

Click Start Server.

Open Counter Strike: Source.

Click Create Server.

Choose De_Dust and your other options.

Run your Server.

Get Your Server IP and give it to friends.

If it doesn't work, they need to type Connect "Your Server Ip" in Console.

Your Server is Ready To Play.


Do Not Do Anything In Your Router Wrong.

You are putting a hole in your firewall by doing this, it is the only way

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