Make A Portal To Nether In Minecraft

Make A Portal To Nether In Minecraft

You can make a portal to nether in Minecraft and you will need 14 pieces of obsidian, flint, and steel. Follow the simple steps below

Put four pieces of obsidian on the bottom and stack five on top of the edge and four across the top.

Then get your flint and steel and light the portal.

If you did it right, the portal should be purple.

Step in and wait.

You now get teleported to the nether.


  • Always take your flint and steel with you, ghast can put out your portal.
  • Make sure you got plenty of food.
  • Bring TNT and house supplies in case of an emergency.
  • There is much lava in the nether so be careful
  • Don't attack zombie pigmens when you don't have good weapons, they swarm just like wolves if you attack them.
  • Ghast are hard to kill, make sure you got a bow

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