Make A Mansion On Minecraft

Make A Mansion On Minecraft

You can make a mansion on Minecraft, but it will take a lot of time and effort. Follow the simple steps below

Find all the right materials. Brick is a good choice. Or, you could use other alternatives such as wood, but brick works best.

Consider if you are ready for this. Have you built one before? If not, take your time and think about how great it will look after you are finished.

Make your mansion have multiple stories. Use sandstone to make awesome flooring. You should try to include rooms such as at least two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room. You can design any type of room you would like, but make sure you like it because you wouldn't want to replace it and start all over.

Keep working. You don't have to work on it 24/7. Just make sure you have a good amount of time to work on a certain part of the mansion every day. Don't stay on it for too long, or you could hurt your eyes.

Use grass for the front lawn. It will look awesome. You could also add a backyard for some extra green if you would like.

Make a driveway and a hot rod. Your mansion will seem bigger. You could also add a garage if you want to. Just make sure everything is easy to find and not spread out everywhere.


  • Keep working. Don't lose focus
  • Don't stay up all night building your mansion before a test at school.
  • Use creative mode if you cannot be bothered on survival.
  • Don't rush.
  • Don't let siblings or parents on the computer. They may, and probably will, destroy your work.

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