Make A House In Minecraft

Make A House In Minecraft

A house in Minecraft is essential to survival because in a house you can mine, build, sleep, explore, and stay safe from Creepers and spiders that dont go away in morning. Follow the simple steps below

Construct a crafting bench. (Made from 4 wooden planks, which can be made from 1 wood).

Decide on what material you want the house to be. Wood is easy to obtain, but it's flammable and can be destroyed by Endermen and Creepers.. Dirt is inflammable, but vulnerable to Creeper explosions. Bricks (can be made by turning clay into bricks by heating them, then compressing them into a brick block) looks nice, and it can resist Creeper explosions, but hard to obtain. Cobblestone (can be mined) is the ideal material if you're just starting out. If you're in the desert, compress 4 sand into sandstone and use it to build your house.

Build the walls. An ideal house size is 7x7, as you can put the door in the middle. It is recommended that the height of your house is 4 blocks tall.

Build a roof over your head by closing the opening above you with the material of your choice. This makes it so that hostile mobs and one neutral, (Creepers, Zombie, Skeleton, Enderman, Spiders, Spider Jockeys, Least likely but slimes) Can't come into your house.

Add some windows by smelting some sand.

Create some torches. You can make a torch by using 1 stick and putting a piece of coal above the stick. If you don't have coal, heat some wood. The wood will turn into Charcoal.

Create a door. A door can be made by putting planks in a 2x3 position. When you had constructed the door, right click the floor of your entrance to your house.


  • Put in some torches or else monsters will spawn inside of your house.
  • When placing a bed, put it away from chests or else monsters will glitch and spawn next to you and wake you up.
  • Making a door will allow you to see outside if you don't have enough wool to make a bed.
  • If it is sunset and you have not even started making your house, it's best to dig out a place in a hill as a shelter, otherwise it won't be pretty.
  • Cobblestone is a cheaper alternative to wood, though you must make a pickaxe to get it.
  • Do not ever light a fire if you make a house out of wood, your house will burn down.
  • Do not put your bed directly in front of the door. If possible, put your bed in the side of your house.
  • If possible, build your house next to water. Try to build your house on a flat space.
  • Do not build your house next to a cave. If a creeper comes and blows up your house, then all your hard work goes to waste.

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