Make A Fountain In Minecraft

Make A Fountain In Minecraft

Fountains are beautiful decorations in Minecraft, follow the simple steps below

Choose the look of your fountain. You can use smooth stone (putting cobblestone in a furnace), or if you inventory hack, use diamond blocks.

Make a 5×5 square base. If you want it to look cooler, leave out the corners for a circular look.

Put blocks in the middle of the fountain. A good height to start at is 4 blocks high.

Put half-blocks on the edges of the 5×5 base to stop the flow of water.

Get a bucket of water and right-click the top of the blocks at the middle.


  • Be creative. For example, make a large pool that’s 1 block deep and put a large 8 column and on the right and left put a 4 high one and make it so that’s its a bunch of fountains.
  • You can also make a lava one just use cobble stone.
  • You can craft a bucket by putting and iron ingot on left bottom and right of a workbench crafting table.
  • To get water in it you have to find a place where the water isn’t moving.
  • Handling lava is dangerous, bring a bucket of water in case you fall in your own lava fountain, and then right click the water bucket.
  • Cracking your game isn’t allowed as it will show on the top right corner of your game.
  • If you play on multi-player, grievers may ruin your fountain by switching water with lava and changing the material of your fountain.

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