Ledge In Counter Strike

Ledge In Counter Strike

Ledging (NZ) is a sort of Super Jump useful for getting around in the air, means it is a useful technique combined with air strafing. To begin you should have sufficient FPS to ledge. Three iterations of ledging can be accomplished as low as 70 FPS. Follow the simple steps below

Launch CS 1.6 and start Scoutzknivez in "New Game"

Open the console "`"

Input "sv_gravity 250" click "submit"

Input "sv_airaccelerate 100" click "submit"

Start off by making your way up to the top-left section, T Spawn (Easier place to start)

Start by air strafing on the top to build up speed (Just the 1 block)

When you're ready, strafe towards the lower block (By the bridge)

When you hit the edge of the block press crouch (Accurate)

Soon after that, strafe hard to the right into the ledge in the same block and you should just bounce off it (Timing needed)

If completed you should be airborne with a lot of extra air time to spare and hit another ledge to pick up speed and height.


  • In "Options" --> "Keyboard", Bind mmwheel up or down as crouch
  • In "Options" --> "Keyboard", Bind mmwheel up or down as jump
  • A good 128MB gfx card should be sufficient enough to ledge
  • Air Strafing helps to start.
  • Try and hit the ledge hard and fast (Low angle)
  • The method explained here maybe the technical way so the simple way would be to come in at the ledge " |___ <--- " in one hit.
  • I don't know which one is harder but both work

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