Leaked Images Of Samsung Galaxy J2 Shows Smart Glow Notification Ring

Samsung Galaxy J2 (2016)
Samsung Galaxy J2 (2016)

For past few weeks rumors are percolating that Samsung may revamp the notification LED in future phones with Smart Glow notification feature. The smart Glow notification will bring complex notification features including priority or usage alerts, battery status, and other functions. A manual confirmed the existence of “Smart Glow” for the upcoming entry-level Galaxy J2 (2016). Now, SamMobile has a leaked an image of the Galaxy J2 itself with Smart Glow.

The Smart Glow ring around the camera will show notification and status just as the front-facing LED does now. However, users can configure the ring with different colors to signal incoming or missed calls or messages. It also has a few more configuration options in software and can indicate a low battery level. In addition, the ring serves as a photo light and aid in taking selfies when using the rear camera.

It is much more visible than a traditional notification LED. Samsung may also bring more features like weather information and even measure the user’s heart rate. However, the Smart Glow ring in Galaxy J2 (2016) will have limited functionality at first.

The rumor is that Smart Glow will feature on the Galaxy S8. Also based on the functional potential of the feature, we will not be a surprise if Samsung include it in other higher-end devices. The Galaxy J2 (2016) itself will be officially unveiled in India later this week.

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