HTC U12+ with Snapdragon 845 SoC and 6 GB RAM coming in May 2018

HTC U12 Concept
HTC U12 Concept

According to a recent report, HTC may unveil its latest Android flagship HTC U12+ in May. Recently, HTC is having trouble in attracting customers to buy their devices and the company hopes to boost buying interest by launching its flagship U12+ model in early May.

Originally, the U12+ was set to debut in late April. However, multiple reports, however, dismissed that possibility. HTC is believed to have hit a minor delay, pushing the launch to early May. The cause for the delay has not been clarified, but it could be that HTC decided to scrap the U12 and move all resources over to the U12+.

In addition to the timing of the launch, the U12+ is expected to be equipped with a 6-inch display, because many consumers prefer a large-sized phone to a smaller one, the sources said. Apart from the display, little is known about the U12+, but mobile industry insider Evan Blass said it will have high-end specifications rivaling what we have seen on the Samsung Galaxy S9. If there is any chance of HTC making a comeback, its next flagship needs to cutting-edge in every area. HTC cannot afford to release another underwhelming product.

According to rumors, HTC U12+ will come with Snapdragon 845 with up to 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB or 128 GB of internal storage. Moreover, it will still have that squeezable Edge Sense that seems to have been forgotten by now. “Edge Sense” allows users to simply squeeze the phone to activate features such as the camera, Facebook, or other apps.

The HTC U12+ might make its four cameras its selling point. Yes, four of them. In addition to the 12 and 16 megapixel rear cameras, the U12+ is expected to have dual 8-megapixel selfie shooters. This combines the legacy of the regular HTC U11 with the China-only HTC U11 Eyes, which, ironically, did not have dual main cameras.

HTC is making a big gamble in its launch plans, debuting its flagship nearly half-way into the year. Because several companies have already introduced their latest flagships, HTC might see an opening to get some attention. But HTC cannot rely on good timing alone. The company needs a truly compelling product that represents an alternative to Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and Apple iPhone X.

It might also be its only flagship, as rumors of the company downsizing its ailing smartphone business continue to spread. That business fate might hinge on the success of U12+. But if HTC’s consistent luck continues, the smartphone will be highly regarded by critics but mostly ignored by buyers.



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