How To Edit Video Highlights – HTC One Max

How To Edit Video Highlights - HTC One Max
How To Edit Video Highlights - HTC One Max

Learn how to edit video highlights on your HTC One Max. Want to share the excitement of a wedding or party? When you view an entire album or event on the Video Highlights tab, Gallery automatically selects the highlights, and displays them as a short video with background theme and music.

This video is about half a minute long. You can change the highlights, theme, and music, and also save or share the video.

  • Open the Gallery app.

  • On the Gallery app’s main screen, swipe to the Albums or Events tab.

  • Tap a tile to open an album or event.

  • Swipe to the Video Highlights tab. The large tile on top automatically plays a video, showing the highlights of your album or event.

  • To change the highlights in the video:

  • Tap Content, and then tap a thumbnail to include or exclude it from the video.

  • Tap Shuffle icon to shuffle the highlights.

  • Tap Themes to choose from a variety of color schemes and music themes to apply to the video.

  • Tap Music to change the default soundtrack to your own music.

  • To restore the default soundtrack, tap Menu > Restore default track.

    Note: Do not reproduce, distribute, or otherwise use copyrighted materials in connection with the Video Highlights feature unless you have secured the copyright owners permission first.

  • To trim the chosen soundtrack, include audio that was captured with the video, and enable content to play back chronologically, tap Menu > Video and audio settings.

  • To view the Video Highlights in full screen, hold HTC One max in landscape orientation.

  • To create a video file of the highlights, tap Menu > Save.

    This will be saved in the Video Highlights album.

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