How To Use Video Camera Settings - Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

How To Use Video Camera Settings - Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
How To Use Video Camera Settings - Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Learn how to use Video Camera Settings on your Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. Before you start taking videos, use the camcorder settings to configure the camcorder for best results. Camcorder settings are represented by icons on the left side of the screen.

Editing Camcorder Settings Shortcuts

  • As with the camera, the first five icons are actually shortcuts to camcorder settings. These five shortcuts can be customized to fit your preference. Self-recording, Recording mode, Timer Effects, and Exposure value are default settings shortcuts.

Configuring Camcorder Settings

To configure Camcorder settings:

While in Camcorder mode, touch a settings shortcut or touch Settings icon to configure the following Camcorder settings:

  • Edit shortcuts: Customize your settings shortcuts.
  • Self-recording: Touch to switch to the front-facing camera lens and record a video of yourself.
  • Recording mode: Set a recording mode. Options are: Normal and Limit for email, which limits the size of the video to 50 megabytes.
  • Effects: Apply an effect to videos.
  • Exposure value: Use the slider to set the brightness value.
  • Timer: Set a delay to wait between touching Record and starting recording.
  • Resolution: Set a size for the video.
  • White balance: Set the light source.
  • Guidelines: Enable or disable an on-screen grid to aid in video composition.
  • Save as flipped: Set self-portrait mode and set this option to On to take and save a mirror-image videos.
  • Video quality: Choose a quality setting for videos.
  • Storage: Set whether to store your videos on your device or on your memory card.
  • Reset: Set all Camera settings to the defaults.
  • Contextual filename: allows you to have your location added as part of the filename. You must first activate GPS tag.


This guide will work on all Samsung Galaxy Tabs; including Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1.

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