How To Use Samsung Smart Switch On Samsung Galaxy Note 4

How To Use Samsung Smart Switch On Samsung Galaxy Note 4
How To Use Samsung Smart Switch On Samsung Galaxy Note 4

learn how to use Samsung Smart Switch on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. You can transfer data of the previous device to a new device via Smart Switch. for more information.

Note: Samsung Smart Switch is not supported on some devices or computers.

Using Smart Switch Mobile

Use this app to transfer data from your previous iPhone or Android device to your new device.

  • On your device, tap Smart Switch Mobile.
  • On your device, select an option depending on the previous device type and follow the on-screen instructions.
    If the previous device is an Android device, ensure that the Smart Switch Mobile app is installed on the device. Refer to the help for more information.

Using Smart Switch with computers

Use this feature to import a backup of your data (from selected manufacturers mobile devices) from a computer to your device. You can download the app from

  • Back up data from a previous device to the computer. For more information, contact the devices manufacturer.
  • On the computer, launch Smart Switch.
  • Connect your current device to the computer using the USB cable.
  • On the computer, click the manufacturer of the previous device and follow the on-screen instructions to transfer data to your device.

Using Samsung Kies

Import a backup of your data from your computer via Samsung Kies to restore data on your device. You can also back up data to the computer via Samsung Kies. Refer to Connecting with Samsung Kies for more information.

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