How To Use Samsung Keyboard Settings On Samsung Galaxy S4

How To Use Samsung Keyboard Settings On Samsung Galaxy S4
How To Use Samsung Keyboard Settings On Samsung Galaxy S4

Learn how to use the Samsung Keyboard settings on your Samsung Galaxy S4. From this menu you can set Samsung keyboard options.

  • From the Home screen, tap Apps > Settings > My device tab > Language and input.
  • Tap the icon next to Samsung keyboard.
  • Portrait keyboard types allows you to choose a keyboard configuration (Qwerty [default] or 3×4 Keyboard).
  • Input languages sets the input language. Tap a language from the available list. The keyboard is updated to the selected language.
  • Predictive text enables predictive text entry mode. This must be enabled to gain access to the advanced settings. Touch and hold to access the advanced settings. Touch and slide the slider to the right to turn it on.
  • SwiftKey Flow allows you to type words by swiping between on-screen keys.
  • Cursor control allows you to move the cursor by sliding your finger across the keyboard.
  • Handwriting enables the device to recognize on-screen handwriting and convert it to text.
  • Advanced displays the following advanced options:
    • Auto capitalization automatically capitalizes the first letter of the first word in each sentence (standard English style).
    • Auto spacing automatically inserts spaces between words.
    • Auto-punctuate automatically inserts a full stop in a sentence by tapping the space bar twice when using the on-screen QWERTY keyboard.
    • Character preview provides an automatic preview of the current character selection within the text string. This is helpful when multiple characters are available within one key.
    • Key-tap vibration enables vibration feedback when you tap an on-screen key.
    • Key-tap sound enables auditory feedback when you tap an on-screen key.
  • Help launches a brief on-screen tutorial covering the main concepts related to the Samsung keyboard.
  • Reset settings resets the keyboard settings back to their original configuration.

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