How To Use Samsung Hub Notices – Samsung Galaxy Mega

How To Use Samsung Hub Notices - Samsung Galaxy Mega
How To Use Samsung Hub Notices - Samsung Galaxy Mega

Learn how to use Samsung hub notices on your Samsung Galaxy Mega. Any media item (Media Content) may be rented or purchased after you create an account in Samsung Hub.

  • Media Content that is purchased and downloaded may be viewed concurrently on up to five (5) devices with Samsung Hub (or the service) that are also registered to the same account.

  • You may remove a device from your account no more than once every 90 days.

  • You may remove Media Content from a device as many times as youd like. You will have the ability to re-download the Media Content later subject to content re-download availability and content provider permissions.

  • You may need network coverage to access Media Content you have acquired through the Service.

  • You can use 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi connectivity to download Media Content.

  • Unlike purchased Media Content, rented Media Content will be viewable on only 1 device in your account at a time.

  • Media Content is downloaded and saved to your authorized device’s SD card. No SD Card included out of box.

  • Your Media Content may pause/stop or not download in networks where there is a weak signal.

  • You may begin watching downloaded Media Content as soon as a) license acquisition has occurred and b) sufficient amount of the Media Content has been buffered.

  • You must finish watching Media Content within the time limit set out for each piece of content (which may be as short as 24 consecutive hours).

  • Stopping, pausing or restarting rented Media Content does not extend the available viewing time.

  • In no event will rented Media Content be available for a period of more than thirty (30) days (or shorter on a title-by-title basis) after the Media Content has been rented (e.g., if you begin viewing rented Media Content on the 29th day after the rental transaction, but do not finish viewing the entire title, that rented Media Content may not be available for the entire twenty-four (24) consecutive hour period if such period would extend the viewable time beyond the thirty (30) day rental window).

  • Unless otherwise restricted by the Content Providers, you can download Media Content to your TV using HDMI connections; otherwise, you cannot play Media Content downloaded from your mobile device output.

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