How To Use S Finder - Samsung Galaxy Tab S

How To Use S Finder - Samsung Galaxy Tab S
How To Use S Finder - Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Learn how to use S Finder on your Samsung Galaxy Tab S. Use this app to search for content on the device. You can apply various filters and view the search history. Open the notifications panel and tap S Finder.

Searching for content

  • Tap the search field and enter a keyword, or tap Speaker icon and say a keyword.
  • To get more refined results, tap filters under the search field.
  • To update the list of search results, tap Menu icon > Refresh.
  • To set the search parameters using the available filters, tap Menu icon > Settings > Filter > Select > filters.
  • To select search categories, tap Menu icon > Settings > Search > Select search category.

Managing the search history

  • You can view or delete your past searches. Select a previous search item to item to perform the search again.
  • To delete the history, tap Menu icon > Settings > Search > Delete history, select search keywords, and then tap Done.
  • To set the device to not save the search history, tap Menu icon > Settings > Search, and deselect Save search history.


This guide will work on all Samsung Galaxy Tab S's; including Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5.

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