How To Use iTunes Store – iPad Mini 2

How To Use iTunes Store - iPad Mini 2
How To Use iTunes Store - iPad Mini 2

Learn how to use iTunes store on your iPad Mini 2. Use the iTunes Store to browse and add music, movies, TV shows, and audiobooks to iPad.

Note: You need an Internet connection and an Apple ID to use the iTunes Store. The iTunes Store is not available in all areas.

Find apps

  • If you know what youre looking for, tap Search. Or tap Categories to browse by type of app.
  • Want to tell a friend about an app? Find the app, tap Upload icon , then choose the method. See Airplay App,Setup iCloud.

Add an app to your Wish List

  • To track an app you might want to purchase later, tap on the app page, then tap Add to Wish List.

See your Wish List

  • After you add items to your Wish List, tap list icon on the App Store screen. You can purchase an app or edit your Wish List.

What apps are being used nearby?

  • Tap Near Me to find out the most popular apps others around you are using (Location Services must be on in Settings > Privacy > Location Services). Try this at a museum, sporting event, or when youre traveling, to dig deeper into your experience.

Purchase, redeem, and download

  • Tap the apps price (or tap Free), then tap Buy to purchase it. If its free, tap Download icon.

  • If you see instead of a price, youve already purchased the app and you can download it again without charge. While the app is downloading or updating, its icon appears on the Home screen with a progress indicator.

    How To Use iTunes Store - iPad Mini 2

Use a gift card or code

  • Tap Featured, scroll to the bottom, then tap Redeem.

Send a gift

  • View the item you want to give, then tap Download icon and Gift.

Restrict in-app purchases

  • Many apps provide extra content or enhancements for a fee. To limit purchases that can be made from within an app, go to Settings > General > Restrictions (makesure Restrictions is enabled), then turn off In-App Purchases. See Restrictions

Delete an app

  • Touch and hold the app icon on the Home screen until the icon jiggles, then tap Delete icon. When you finish, press the Home button. You cant delete built-in apps. Deleting an app also deletes its data. You can download any app youve purchased on the App Store again, free of charge.

App Store settings

  • To set options for App Store, go to Settings > iTunes & App Store. You can:

View or edit your account

  • Tap your Apple ID, then tap View Apple ID and log in. To change your password, tap the Apple ID field, then tap the Password field.

Sign in using a different Apple ID

  • Tap your account name, then tap Sign Out. Then enter the other Apple ID.

Turn off automatic downloads

  • Tap Apps in Automatic Downloads. Apps update automatically over Wi-Fi, unless you turn off the option.

Download apps using the cellular network (Wi-Fi + Cellular models)

  • Turn on Use Cellular Data. Downloading apps over the cellular network may incur carrier charges.

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