How To Use Internet Browser On Samsung Galaxy Note 2

How To Use Internet Browser On Samsung Galaxy Note 2
How To Use Internet Browser On Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is equipped with a Google browser to navigate the mobile web. This section explains how to navigate the browser and use the basic features.

How to access the internet on Samsung Galaxy Note 2

  • To access the Browser:
  • From the Home screen, tap Apps > Internet icon.

How to navigate with the browser on Samsung Galaxy Note 2

  • Tap an entry to select an item.
  • Sweep the screen with your finger in an up or down motion to scroll through a website.
  • To return to a previous page, tap Back icon.
  • To move forward to a web page, tap Next icon.

Browser Options on Samsung Galaxy Note 2

From the top of the browser screen, select one of the available options:

  • Navigation: use the forward and back buttons to navigate through your browsing activity.
  • Refresh: reloads the current page.
  • Windows: displays a list of the windows you have open.
  • Bookmarks: provides access to the Bookmarks screen.


From the current page, press Menu key to access the following options:

  • Home: takes you to the currently assigned Home page.
  • New window: launches a new browser window. By default, this screen shows the web2go home page.
  • Add bookmark: allows you to add a URL to your bookmark list.
  • Add shortcut to home screen: creates a shortcut to the web2go Home page and then places it on an open area on an available extended screen.
  • Share page: allows you to share the page using Bluetooth, ChatON, Dropbox, Email, Facebook, Flipboard, Gmail, Google+, Messaging, S Note, or Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Find on page: allows you to search in the current page.
  • Desktop view: allows you to assign the browser to display the current page in the desktop view (to closely mimic the display as it would appear on a Desktop computer).
  • Save for offline reading: allows you to store the current page in memory so that it can be read later even if you loose your Internet connection.
  • Brightness: allows you to assign a brightness level specifically for the browser window. This is independent of the brightness assigned within the devices Settings menu.
  • Downloads: displays the download history.
  • Print: provides print access on compatible Samsung printers.
  • Settings: allows you to change the way you view your web pages by changing these options.

How to enter a URL on Samsung Galaxy Note 2

You can access a website quickly by entering the URL. Websites are optimized for viewing on your phone.

To enter a URL and go to a particular website:

  • From the homepage tap the URL field at the top of the screen, enter the URL and tap Go icon.

Note: This is not the same application as the Google Search Widget. The web2go screen cannot be accessed via a Wi-Fi connection.

How to search the internet on Samsung Galaxy Note 2

To perform an Internet search using keywords:

  • From within the Google search application, tap the Google search field, enter the keyword(s) to search using the on-screen keypad.
  • Tap up sided left arrow icon from the list of search results that are displayed.
  • Tap a link to view the website.

How to add and delete windows on Samsung Galaxy Note 2

You can have up to eight Internet windows open at one time.

To add a new window:

  • From your browser window, tap Windows icon > + New window icon.
  • A new browser window displays.

Note: The number of currently open windows is displayed at the bottom of the WIndows screen.

  • Scroll across the screen to view the currently active windows and tap an entry to launch the selected Internet window.

To delete an existing window:

  • From your browser window, tap Windows icon.
  • Scroll across the available windows and locate your target window.
  • Tap red color icon next to the listing to delete the window.
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