How To Use GPS On Samsung Galaxy S3

How To Use GPS On Samsung Galaxy S3
How To Use GPS On Samsung Galaxy S3

Learn how to use GPS on Samsung Galaxy S3. Your device is equipped with a global positioning system (GPS) receiver. You can activate location services and use additional GPS functions. For better reception of GPS signals, avoid using your device in the following conditions:

  • Between buildings, in tunnels or underground passages, or inside buildings.
  • In poor weather.
  • Around high voltage or electromagnetic fields.
  • In a vehicle with sun protection film.

Do not touch or cover the area around the antenna with your hands or other objects while using the GPS functions. This feature may be unavailable depending on your region or service provider.

How to activate location services on S3

You must activate location services to receive location information or search the map.

  • In the application list, select Settings, and then Location services.
  • Change the following options:
    • Use wireless networks: Set to use Wi-Fi and/or mobile networks to find your location. You may incur additional charges for using mobile networks.
    • Use GPS satellites: Set to use GPS satellites to find your location.
    • Use sensor aiding: Set to use sensors to enhance pedestrian positioning when the GPS signal is weak or obstructed. There may be variations between the sensor estimates and your actual location.
    • Location and Google search: Set the device to use your current location for Google search and other Google services.

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