How To Use Gestures – Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Learn how to use gestures on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3. By activating the various gesture features within the Motion Settings menu, you can access a variety of time saving functions.

To activate motion:

  • From the Home screen, press and then tap Settings > Controls > Motions.
  • Tap the ON/OFF icon located at the top of the screen to activate motions.
  • Tap the ON/OFF icon located to the right of each motion option to activate it.

Note: Excessive shaking or impact to the device may cause unintended results.

The following is a description of the available gestures:

  • Direct call: Once enabled, the device will dial the currently displayed on-screen Contact entry as soon as you place the device to your ear.
  • Smart alert: Once enabled, pickup the device to be alerted and notified of you have missed any calls or messages.
  • Zoom: Once enabled, you must be on a screen where content can be zoomed. In a single motion, touch and hold two points on the display then tilt the tilt the device back and forth to zoom in or out.
  • Browse an image: Once enabled, touch and hold a desired onscreen image to pan around it. Move the device left or right to pan horizontally or up and down to pan vertically around the large on-screen image.
  • Mute/pause: Once enabled, mute incoming calls and any playing sounds by turning the device display down on a surface. This is the opposite of the Pickup to be Notified Gesture.

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