How To Use Dialing Options On Samsung Galaxy Note 2

How To Use Dialing Options On Samsung Galaxy Note 2
How To Use Dialing Options On Samsung Galaxy Note 2

When you enter numbers on the Keypad, you will see three on-screen options on your Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

  • From the keypad screen, use one of the following options:
    • Voice Mail icon to access your Voice Mail service.
    • Call icon to call the entered number.
    • Delete icon to delete digits from the current number.

To view additional dialing options:

  • Tap Menu key:
    • Send message to send the current caller a text message while still maintaining the current call active.
    • Add to Contacts to add the current number to either a new or existing Contacts entry.
    • Speed dial setting to access the Speed Dialing menu where you can assign a speed dial location to a current Contacts entry.
    • Add 2-sec pause to insert a two-second pause to enter a 2-second delay within a number string (the phone continues dialing after 2 seconds without any additional keys being pressed.)

Note: You can create pauses longer than three seconds by entering multiple 2-sec pauses.

  • Add wait to insert a hard pause within the number string (the phone waits for your input). A wait requires that any consecutive numbers be manually sent by tapping Yes.
  • One-handed operation On/Off to enable or disable the resize and reposition the keypad/dialer for either left (Off) or right handed operation (On).
  • Call settings to provide you access to the Call settings screen.

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