How To Use Contacts - HTC One M8

How To Use Contacts - HTC One M8
How To Use Contacts - HTC One M8

Learn how to use Contacts on your HTC One M8. Depending on the information that you've added to the contact.

  • On the People tab, tap + icon.
  • Tap the Name field, and then enter the contact name. Tap Edit icon to separately enter the contact's given, middle, or family name and name suffix, such as Jr.
  • Select the Contact type. This determines which account the contact will sync with.
  • Enter the contact information in the fields provided.
  • Tap Save.

When you tap the added contact on your contacts list, you'll see the contact information and your exchange of messages and calls. Depending on the information that you've added to the contact (such as an email address), you'll also be able to see the contact's social network updates, events, and photos.

How do I add an extension number to a contact number?

While creating a new contact in People, you can add an extension number to their number so you can skip the voice prompts when calling.

After entering the number of the main line, do one of the following:

  • Tap P(,) to insert a pause before the extension number is dialed automatically. To make the pause longer, tap P(,) again.
  • Tap W(;) to be prompted to confirm the extension number.

Enter the extension number.

Editing a contacts information

Social network contacts cannot be edited.

  • On the People tab, press and hold the contact, and then tap Edit contact.
  • Enter the new information.
  • Tap Save.

Getting in touch with a contact

  • Open the People app.
  • Tap a contact's photo (not the name), and then choose how you want to get in touch with that contact.


For more ways of getting in touch with your contact, tap an icon below the contact photo.

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