How To Use Camera – Nokia Lumia 928

How To Use Camera - Nokia Lumia 928
How To Use Camera - Nokia Lumia 928

Learn how to use Camera on your Nokia Lumia 928. To focus, press camera key halfway down. The focus is locked when white rectangle stop blinking.

  • take a photo

  • view photos

  • take close-ups

  • take night-time photos

  • increase the sharpness of photos

  • record videos

  • send a photo

  • copy photos to your PC

  • download lenses

Note: Before using the camera, remove the protective tape from the lens.

Take a photo

  • To open the camera, press and hold the Camera Key.
  • To zoom in and out, place two fingers on the screen, and slide your fingers together or apart.
  • To focus, press the camera key halfway down. The focus is locked when the white rectangle stops blinking.
  • To take the photo, press the Camera Key.
  • To view the photo you just took, swipe right. Photos are saved to the camera roll in the Photos hub.

Take a photo without using the Camera Key

  • From the start screen, swipe left, and tap Settings icon.

  • Swipe to applications, and tap photos+camera > Tap screen to take pictures and videos.

Take a close-up

  • Tap . . . > photo settings… > Scenes > Close-up.

Take photos in the dark

Want to take better photos even in dim light? Use the night mode.

  • Tap . . . > photo settings… > Scenes > Night or Night Portrait.

Take a photo of a moving object

To capture the action with your phone, use the sports mode to take a sharper photo of moving people.

  • Tap . . . > photo settings… > Scenes > Sports.

Take a photo in bright light

To take better photos when theres bright light coming from behind your subject, use the backlight mode.

  • Tap . . . > photo settings… > Scenes > Backlight.

Take a self portrait

To take a self-portrait easily, use the front camera of your phone.

  • Tap Front Camera icon.

Note: You can also take a photo when you write a message or email.

  • Tap Attach file icon > Camera icon.

Photo settings

You can adjust the following photo settings:

  • Scenes: Auto (default)/Close-up/Night/Night Portrait/Sports/Backlight

  • ISO: Auto (default)/100/200/400/800

  • Exposure Value: 0 (default), 1/3 steps between -2 and 2

  • White Balance: Auto (default)/Cloudy/Daylight/Fluorescent/Incandescent

  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (default)/4.3

  • Focus Assist Light: On (default)/Off

Download lenses

Would you like to make your camera even better and fi nd new fun ways to take great photos? Download Nokia Lenses apps from Store.

  • To open the camera, press and hold the camera key.

  • Tap Lenses icon > Find lenses, and follow the instructions.

Share A Photo

To open the camera, press and hold the Camera Key.

  • Take a photo.

  • Swipe right, touch and hold the photo, and tap share….

  • Select the sharing service, enter a caption if you like, and tap Send message icon.

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