How To Use Calendar On Samsung Galaxy Note 2

How To Use Calendar On Samsung Galaxy Note 2
How To Use Calendar On Samsung Galaxy Note 2

With this feature, you can consult the calendar by day, week, or month, create events, and set an alarm to act as a reminder on Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Google Calendar is built into the phone and synchronizes both new and existing entries between your phone and your online Google account.

Note: You should previously add an account (Facebook, Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, or Google) prior to using the Calendar.

  • From the Home screen, tap Apps > Calendar icon.
  • Tap Show More icon to display these tabs:
    • Year: displays the Year view.
    • Month: displays the Month view.
    • Week: displays the Week view.
    • Day: displays the Day view.
    • List: displays the events in a List view.
    • Task: allows you to search for tasks.
  • Tap + icon Create event to create a new Calendar event.


  • Tap Today to display the current date indicated by a blue box, then press Menu key and select one of the following options:
    • Go to: displays a specific date.
    • Delete: allows you to delete All events, All events before today, or an individual event.
    • Search: allows you to search within your current events.
    • Sync: synchronizes your current calendar events with your available accounts (such as Gmail, Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, etc..).
    • Settings: displays a list of configurable settings.

How to create a Calendar Event on Samsung Galaxy Note 2

  • From the Home screen, tap Apps > Calendar icon.
  • Tap view calendar icon to access the various calendar tabs.
  • Within the Year, Month, Week, and Day tabs, tap + icon Create event.

How to write on a Calendar on Samsung Galaxy Note 2

  • From the Home screen, tap Apps > Calendar icon.
  • Tap Markup Calendar icon to access the calendars handwriting functions. Here you markup on the on-screen calendar, erase markups, go forward/back in your actions history, add a new event, or go back to normal function.
  • Make your marks on the calendar.
  • Tap Return to Calendar icon to return to the normal calendar function.

Calendar Settings on Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Using the Calendar settings you can select the day with which you want the calendar to begin. You also select how you want to view the calendar, by Month, Week, or Day or determine how to manage events, notifications, sounds, and defaults reminders.

  • From the Home screen, tap Apps > Calendar icon.
  • Press Menu key > Settings.
  • Tap Month view styles and select a style: Calendar view + list or Calendar view + pop-up.
  • Tap Week view and select a style: Timeline or Analog.
  • Tap First day of week and select either Local default, Saturday, Sunday or Monday.
  • Tap Hide declined events to activate this option. A check mark indicates selection.
  • Tap Lock time zone (to lock event time based on your current user-selected time zone). Select a time zone from within the Select time zone field.
  • Tap Show week number to display the week numbers along the side of the week entries.
  • Tap Calendars and select the type of general synchronization settings you want. A check mark indicates selection.
  • Tap Handwriting settings and configure handwriting-related calendar settings such as: First day of week and Show week number.
  • Tap Set alerts & notifications to adjust the event notification method. Choose from: Alert, Status bar notification, and Off.
  • Tap Select ringtone to assign a ringtone to a calendar event notification.
  • Tap Vibration to set the Event notification tone to vibrate.
  • Tap Default reminder time to assign a default time frame for event reminders.
  • Tap Notifications while screen is off to display notifications on the full screen while it is turned off.
  • Tap Quick responses to edit your default quick responses for outbound emails. These are default responses similar to those used by text templates.
  • Tap Swipe with two fingers to change the way events are displayed when swiped.

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